• TEDxHomeBushRdWomen | Welcome To The Family

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    Welcome TEDxHomeBushRdWomen, the first TEDxWomen event in New Zealand and it’s here in Wellington!

    Held on Saturday 7th December 2013, the event will feature at least 90minutes worth of content streamed from the San Francisco TEDWomen 2013 gathering:

    As part of the conversation around women and girls, events around the world will be surfacing and celebrating the innovative people from their own communities. TEDxWomen events are TEDx events featuring at least one session of the webcast of TEDWomen.

    For tickets go here.

    This event is not run by TEDxTeAro.
  • 2013 Videos Are Live

    Watch them either on the TEDTalks YouTube playlist or on the TEDxTeAro video page.

    Please share these great stories from New Zealand’s capital with friends / family / colleagues and let us know which are your favourites and why.

  • Photobooth Pics

    TEDxTeAro Photobooth Photos
    TEDxTeAro Photobooth Photos
    TEDxTeAro Photobooth Photos
    TEDxTeAro Photobooth Photos
    TEDxTeAro Photobooth Photos
    TEDxTeAro Photobooth Photos

    We just thought you’d like to see just some of the great photobooth images from the great event (which have been uploaded to the full flickr stream):

    Videos to follow very soon!

    Images courtesy of The Amazing Travelling Photobooth.

  • Tomorrow We Go Live…

    check out the final email newsletter with all the juicy details needed plus information on the event app and live stream.

    See you there!

  • Livestream Parties

    Old TV set

    As you know we’ll be streaming the event live this Saturday from 1pm (full agenda here) on the front page of tedxtearo.com.

    If you weren’t one of the lucky 100 to grab a ticket then how about hosting a live-stream party for you and a few friends?

    If you’re an inspiring leader / manager how about opening up your offices and invite your staff and favourite customers in to watch?

    Head of a department or lecturer at a university / college then maybe this could be a fab extra-curricular activity?

    If you are doing this then please get in touch and let us know as we’ll try and give you a shout out on the day.

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  • 2013 TEDxTeAro Event Timings

    For this coming Saturday:

    1230 Doors open
    1300 Mihi Whakatau
    1310 Welcome
    1320 1st talk
    1340 2nd talk
    1400 TEDx vid
    1415 3rd talk
    1435 4th talk
    1455 First breakout / networking
    1600 Welcome back and 5th talk
    1620 6th talk
    1640 TEDx vid
    1655 7th talk
    1715 8th talk
    1725 Closing remarks / thanks
    1735 Second breakout / networking
    1830 Close

    Not got a ticket? Don’t worry, you can still watch via the livestream which will be accessible on the front page of this site.

  • Creating Curiosity | City-wide Brand Campaign

    Creating Curiosity Stickers

    If you follow us online or live in Wellington you might have seen some of the above (digital and real) flyers around.

    We asked brand engagement guys Chilli to assist in the design and execution of an awareness campaign to educate and inspire the Wellington community about the 2013 TEDxTeAro event on June 29. The objective was to engage ‘undiscovered’ fans by opening their eyes to the purpose of TED and appealing to their sense of intrigue.

    Creating Curiosity

    The campaign aims to ‘positively interrupt’ daily routines with a question folks have never considered before, but are equally curious as to the answer. Examples of these questions include:

    • How does a fly, fly?
    • What do babies think about?
    • Why are we happy?

    …and they come in stickers as well:

    Creating Curiosity Flyers

    The questions are accompanied with a call to action to uncover the answer via interested.co.nz (a landing page within this site) where participants will watch a TED video which answers their question. Accompanying this is all the information they need for TEDxTeAro and an invite to join our online community (either via Facebook / Twitter / email newsletter—sign up in the footer).

    The aim is to grow an audience of passionate TED fans that are informed and inspired to join TEDxTeAro at one of the many streaming parties.

    Here are all the images / designs for download (1.5mb zip file) and feel free to share them far and wide.

  • Nearly Sold Out | Live Streaming Options

    Damien Maher from Newcast managing the web stream

    There are only a handful of the 100 tickets left for this years TEDxTeAro event, so be quick and snap them up here.


    Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has already bought a ticket—it really validates all the hard work the team has put in.

    As with last year, the whole event will be streamed live on the front page of this site (if you can’t make it for whatever reason).

    Why don’t you organise your own livestream parties? Invite your nearest and dearest around to devour the afternoon event (start at 1pm, finishes about 6.30pm’ish).

    Make a day of it and let us know if you are planning one as we’d love to give you a shout out on the day.

    Image credit


    tickets on sale

    Tickets will go on sale here: 1-night.co.nz/tedxtearo2013 9am Friday 14th.

    Last year we sold out in 30mins. Be ready with your mouse clicks and credit card details (maximum 2 tickets per purchase as with last year). Each ticket will cost $90.

    The event on the 29th will start at 1pm and finish about 6pm’ish).

  • TEDxTeAro 2013 Speakers Announced | Jason Garman / Trevor Moeke

    Jason Garman

    Jason Garman has travelled through more than 50 countries. He has been a gymnast, a corporate director, a dishwasher, a TV broadcaster, a stuntman, a filmmaker, a volunteer and a voice for change.

    In the past eight years with Oxfam New Zealand, Jason has helped survivors of humanitarian emergencies, enabled vulnerable people to work their way out of extreme poverty, and forged global campaigns around climate change, fair trade and the Arms Trade Treaty.

    Jason will talk about ethical consumerism and the power of having a choice and voice. By adopting a wider perspective we not only increase our personal happiness, we build a more equal world where everyone can thrive.

    Twitter: @jaygarman
    Web: oxfam.org.nz

    Trevor J Moeke

    Trevor J Moeke is a recognised thought leader and activator of positive indigenous futures.

    Currently leading in Maori Higher Education with Te Wananga o Aotearoa; as a trusted communicator leader across tribes; an adept business and political advocate; and as Co Chair of WINHEC (World Indigenous Higher Education Consortium) an international vehicle which says that we as indigenous people are capable of our own high quality education.

    A weaver of people and narrative, Trevor Moeke effects positive change in everything he does. Globally connected, visionary and widely engaged, Trevor has unique insight into indigenous potential through designed futures and how that can be harvested for positive global change.

    Trevor will be talking about Maori insights for living, change, personal and global leadership!

    Twitter: @TMOEKE
    Web: trevormoeke.weebly.com