2013 Videos

Getrude Matshe : Ubuntu – a person is a person through other persons
Ben Knight : How technology can enable everyday democracy
Jason Garman : ethical consumerism and the power of having a choice / voice
Lance Walker : customer loyalty programmes… why bother!
Bridget Johnson : using art to develop technology (and vice versa)
Bernadette Casey : optimism in problem solving
Nick Clark : what is speciality coffee?
Trevor Moeke : Maori insights for living, change, personal and global leadership

2012 Videos

Sarah Wilson : Deconstructing Fear, a Personal Adventure
Evan Thomas : Designing for mass customisation
Emma Saunders : Happiness is a boardroom strategy
Anja Geelen : Reconnecting with childhood through play
Anna Guenther : Crowdfunding is going to change the world
Dan Khan : Thinking small, big impact
Ben Forman : Digital Thinking vs Analogue Thinking
Alex Hannant : Why Social Enterprise is a good idea